Ulm, 23.08.2006 - Uzin Utz Group Half-Year Report

Significant increase in turnover – strong growth in profits

In the first six months of the financial year, the Uzin Utz Group has achieved significant growth in turnover and profits.

The Group was able to increase turnover to around 72.3 million Euro, from 65.4 in the previous year. In Germany, turnover increased by 9 percent from 29.6 to 32.2 million Euro. Uzin Utz grew ever more strongly in export markets where the Group was able to increase turnover by 12 percent or 4.3 million Euro from 35.8 to 40.1 million Euro.

The profits from ordinary business activities reached 4.6 million Euro, compared with 3.7 in the previous year – an increase of 23 percent. After taxes, Uzin Utz increased profits from 2.1 to around 3 million Euro. This is not a one-time effect.

The Group estimates a significantly higher turnover by the year end, compared with the previous year. The profits should also be higher than in the previous year.

Stefan Pircher
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