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News, 19.04.2017 - Adjusted flooring system Arturo PU7320 Sealer

Further developments in our R & D department have shown that a better final result can be achieved for the flooring system Arturo PU2030 Self-Smoothing Floor by an adaptation in the system.


The system adaption concerns the sealer Arturo PU7320 (2-C, satin).
Testing results have shown that a better penetration strength is achieved for the  flooring system by applying the sealers Arturo PU7750 (2-C, extra matt) as first layer and Arturo PU7320 (2-C, satin) as second layer on Arturo PU2030 Self-Smoothing Floor.

Since both sealers have different properties which reinforce each other, the surface strength of the flooring system is improved by applying the two different protective layers.

Technical recommendations

Accordingly, we adapted the system Arturo PU2030 Self-Smoothing Floor.