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NL, 19.06.2016 - Arturo PAS3790 Floor Coating

Fast-drying, UV-stable.

The new fast-drying, UV-stable floor coating Arturo PAS3790 is excellent for floor surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas, which need to be refurbished quickly.

Balconies, galleries, arcades as well as storage rooms, private parking garages or stairways can be coated with this glossy, coloured floor coating. Even slip resistant versions are also available. Arturo PAS3790 Floor Coating is available in 5 standard RAL colors.

Fast recovery utility of the area

The fast-drying coating is walkable after 2 hours, chemically resistant after 24 hours and mechanically resilient after 72 hours.

Long lifetime

Arturo PAS3790 Floor Coating is very wear and scratch resistant as well as chemical resistant. The UV-stability against sunlight ensures that the colour remains stable. Thanks to these features, the new coating is the ideal solution for the renovating existing coatings.


Arturo PAS3790 Floor Coating is quick and easy to install on cement and gypsum based subfloors and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is made from aspartic acid ester, so is free of solvents, nonylphenol and odour.  Click here for Arturo PAS3790 Floor System.

Packaging & consumption

Arturo PAS3790 floor coating is available in a set of 5 and 10 kg. The consumption is about 150-350 g/m² per coat depending on the structure of the subfloor.

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