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Ulm, 10.10.2016 - Uzin Utz AG is founding a separate company – Codex GmbH & Co. KG – for the tile brand

Expansion of the national production network

Uzin Utz AG spins off the department for laying materials for tiles and natural stone and founds Codex GmbH & Co. KG. This investment decision is proof of the successful brand policies pursued by Codex and justifies the planning of the new production network with an expanded capacity of around 60,000 tonnes of powder products per annum.

Premises, roughly 10,000 square metres in size, have been purchased in the immediate vicinity of the current Uzin Utz AG headquarters. At this site, the company will be constructing production, warehousing and administrative facilities, a separate research and development centre as well as client teaching spaces. "With the new site in the Donautal area of Ulm, we have made the clear choice to expand in the town, underlining our affinity with the region"; says Thomas Müllerschön, Chairman of the Board at Uzin Utz AG.

The new factory will, in future, primarily produce the tile adhesives which have been successfully sold under the Codex brand since 2007 and are exported to some 12 countries. With the new production facilities, Uzin Utz reinforces its presence in Germany and will also be capable of reacting more flexibly to the changing requirements of their clients. A separate development centre will enable the evolution of tailored products for the tile and natural stone sector to, at the same time, ensure improved integration between development and production.

The brand Codex is set to become a separate company, the Codex GmbH & Co. KG, and business will commence in good time on 1st January 2017. "Planning for the new Codex factory is running at high speed. We want to build the best possible technical production facilities to meet the requirements of our clients." says the newly appointed business manager Mario Meuler.

With this investment, Uzin Utz underlines its growth strategies and long-term plans for the laying materials for tiles and natural stone sector. "With the new site, we will be creating additional capacities, but also the necessary flexibility to respond, quickly and in a future-proof way, to the requirements of the markets. The company thus reinforces its competitive position", says Thomas Müllerschön, Chairman of the Board at  Uzin Utz AG. 

"We plan to start production at the beginning of 2018. The extremely modern production facilities, located just a short distance from headquarters, combined with the reliable local raw materials suppliers will enable us to manufacture products at a high quality level", underlines Mario Meuler, business manager of Codex GmbH & Co. KG.

The planning office

Planning office Nething Generalplaner from Neu-Ulm, was charged by Uzin Utz with the general planning for all phases of this new project, as well as with managing the construction within the prescribed deadline and budget.


2016_Download_codex GmbH & Co. KG ZIP, 28 mb   download